100% Pure Primers-Correctors

MINERAL VEIL PRIMER This silky soft mineral powder is the perfect preparation for your skin’s foundation. When applied prior to the Loose or Pressed Mineral Foundation Powders, it works to smooth out the skin by filling in fine lines and wrinkles, creating a perfect canvas for your foundation to lay.

Dust on throughout the day to take away shine that may develop on the T-Zone. Mineral Veil does not contain any rice powder, which in other products can lead to pore clogging, is formulated with 100% pure minerals, and is formulated for all skin types including sensitive skin.

BENEFITS ● Smooths and fills fine lines & wrinkles ● Reduces pore visibility ● Matte Finish ● May be used throughout the day to minimize T-Zone shine ● Does NOT contain rice powder ● 100% Pure mineral formulation ● Gluten free & Vegan ● Cruelty Free ● Free of nasties and unnecessary additives


COLOR CORRECTORS Made from 100% pure minerals, available in green, purple, and yellow to correct any surface skin discolorations or breakouts and brighten. Green helps to conceal blemishes, or any pink or red undertones. Purple helps to conceal camouflage any brown sun/age discolorations, sallow and yellowness in the skin. Purple will also enhance brightness adding a natural glow to the skin when used under powder foundation. Use as a spot treatment, or all over face as a primer. Yellow helps to brighten all skin tones, and works well to set makeup looks as a final step. Use the Yellow Brightening Powder (Butterscotch #4 Loose Powder) to bake the under eyes for a flawless finish on top of your concealer

 BENEFITS ● Camouflages skin discoloration such as brown sun or age spots ● Camouflages redness or blemishes on the skin ● Reduces sallow, and yellowness in the skin ● Enhances radiance and natural glow ● Sets makeup looks or concealer ● May be used to spot treat ● Does NOT contain rice powder ● 100% Pure mineral formulation ● Gluten free & Vegan ● Cruelty Free ● Free of nasties and unnecessary additives

 CREAM CONCEALER / CORRECTOR- Peach Hydrating, moisturizing, line-softening, skin-perfecting coverage. Our Cream Concealer is packed full of skin enhancing oils and mineral color that nourish, hydrate and even help heal skin. Nourishing Vitamin E helps heal skin, while Organic Coconut, Jojoba Seed, Castor Seed Oil & Cocoa Seed Butter help smooth & hydrate skin. The Peach Cream Concealer color blends easily and self-adjusts to your natural skin tone.

BENEFITS ● Camouflages skin discoloration such as blue discoloration spots or under eye dark circles ● May be used to spot treat ● Self-adjusting color on any skin tone ● Hydrating and line-softening ● Skin protecting, and speeds up wound healing ● 88% Organic Formulation ● Gluten free & Vegan ● Cruelty Free ● Non-GMO ● Free of nasties and unnecessary additives


EYE PRIMER MATTE FX Whether you have naturally oily eyelids, very dry eyelids, or find yourself in an environment that affects your skin’s oil production, Eye Primer Matte FX is the perfect fix.

The primer has multiple functions: • Formulated with light pigments to conceal eyelid discoloration and brighten darker shadows. • Provides a more matte consistency for the shimmer powders. • Provides superior adhesion for long-lasting wear, but allows for easy glide-on application that will not get clumpy.

BENEFITS ● Conceals eyelid discoloration ● Brightens darker shadows ● Matte Finish for application of shimmer shadows ● Superior adhesion for long-lasting wear ● Easy glide on application ● Smooth, clump free finish ● Gluten free & Vegan ● Cruelty Free ● Free of nasties and unnecessary additives

PURE FACT Mineral makeup only needs Mica & Titanium Dioxide as a sun filter as it is the purest form in makeup. Ingredients you may see added to pressed or loose powders are simply to fill and take away the high performance nature of the product. The addition of oils to powders creates an expiration date and a preservative will be added, this usually contributes to clogged pores. For these reasons we use minimal, safe, efficacious ingredients to help you create your best looks.



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