Pure Pressed 100% Natural

100% Natural Pure Pressed Face Powder, Blush and Eye Shadow

100% Pure Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow

BENEFITS ● 100% Pure Mineral Loose & Pressed Eye Shadows ● All day wear ● High Performance ● Healthy & non-comedogenic ● Flexible uses: eye shadow, highlight, lip color, or eye liner ● Gluten free ● 100% Pure Mineral Shadows ● Free of nasties and unnecessary additives like talc, oil, parabens, fragrance, gluten, fillers (like rice powder), and Bismuth.

FORMULATED WITH ● MICA: A naturally occurring mineral dust often used in makeup foundations. Used as a color additive, they have reflective properties, allowing for a shimmery effect in mineral foundations. ● IRON OXIDE: Compounds of iron used as coloring agents in some cosmetics. Although they occur naturally, the forms used in cosmetics are synthetic. Lab created for safety reasons as natural produced ones can contain impurities. Iron oxide is gentle, non-toxic, non-irritating, and isn't known to be allergenic, making it safe for use in even organic products. ● TITANIUM DIOXIDE: Used to impart whiteness to color cosmetics it helps increase the opacity,and reduce the transparency of a formula. An important ingredient in sunscreen, it acts as a natural SPF. ● ZINC STEARATE: A naturally occurring fatty acid consisting of a mixture of zinc salts of stearic and palmitic acids. Used for its adhesive and water repelling properties and as a colorant. ● TOCOPHEROL (VITAMIN E): An antioxidant and skin conditioner. Protects the skin from abnormal breakdown. Derived from edible vegetable oils

PURE FACT Mineral makeup only needs Mica & Titanium Dioxide as a sun filter as it is the purest form in makeup. Ingredients you may see added to pressed or loose powders are simply to fill and take away the high-performance nature of the product. The addition of oils to powders creates an expiration date and a preservative will be added, this usually contributes to clogged pores. For these reasons we use minimal, safe, efficacious ingredients to help you create your best looks.


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