Purple Color Corrector

Purple Color Corrector

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COLOR CORRECTOR Made from 100% pure minerals to correct any surface skin discolorations or breakouts, brighten.  Purple helps to conceal camouflage any brown sun/age discolorations, sallow and yellowness in the skin. Purple will also enhance brightness adding a natural glow to the skin when used under powder foundation. Use as a spot treatment, or all over face as a primer.

FORMULATED WITH ● MICA (PEARLS): Minerals that have formed in crystallized, thin, elastic sheets that can be separated easily. Ground, they are used as colorants and lubricants to add sheen to products. A naturally occurring mineral dust often used in makeup foundations. Used as a color additive, they have reflective properties, allowing for a shimmery effect in mineral foundations.

● IRON OXIDE: Inorganic compound that adds color and offers some sun protection. Although they occur naturally, the forms used in cosmetics are synthetic. Lab created for safety reasons as natural produced ones can contain impurities. Iron oxide is gentle, non-toxic, non-irritating, and isn't known to be allergenic, making it safe for use in even organic products.

● ZINC OXIDE: Obtained from zinc ore. Used to protect, soothe and heal the skin. Provides an excellent barrier to the sun and other irritants. Has UVA and UVB absorption characteristics.


● Camouflages skin discoloration such as brown sun or age spots 

● Reduces sallow, and yellowness in the skin

● Enhances radiance and natural glow

● May be used to spot treat

● Does NOT contain rice powder ● 100% Pure mineral formulation ● Gluten free & Vegan ● Cruelty Free ● Free of nasties and unnecessary additives

APPLICATION TIPS ● On clean, hydrated skin: Shake a small amount of the Purple Color Correcting Powder of choice into the container’s lid, lightly touching with the concealer brush. Tap off any excess powder and apply over skin discoloration gently blending in. Follow with foundation shade of choice. 

PARTNERS WITH ● Loose or Pressed Mineral Foundation Powders. Applies effortlessly with brush BRC201 or BRC224

PURE FACT Mineral makeup only needs Mica & Titanium Dioxide as a sun filter as it is the purest form in makeup. Ingredients you may see added to pressed or loose powders are simply to fill and take away the high-performance nature of the product. The addition of oils to powders creates an expiration date and a preservative will be added, this usually contributes to clogged pores. For these reasons we use minimal, safe, efficacious ingredients to help you create your best looks.

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